ipClouds VoIP Reseller Program

The ipClouds VoIP Reseller Program will enable you to quickly and easily offer commercial grade VoIP services and hardware and start earning revenue right away!

VoIP is the fastest growing segment of the Internet industry and there are already millions of people with VoIP enabled PCs, laptops and PDAs. Now you can harness VoIP to make money and provide a valuable service to your customers.

The ipClouds VoIP Reseller program allows individuals and small businesses to start selling all our Products and Services within minutes of your signing up with us.

Each ipClouds Reseller Account comes packed with FREE features. Some of the important features you get are -

Unbeatable Pricing
FREE Marketing Program
FREE Customer Support
FREE Technical Support
Comprehensive Reseller Control Panel

Unbeatable Pricing

At £58.65 for our VoIP adaptors - our prices are actually less than what you would get in a reseller program offered by any other vendor. You will not find any reseller program offering the kind of aggressive pricing we offer.

*(Normal retail prices available here)

Units Per Month
(Hardware only or Hardware and Call time packages)
Reseller Discount on our retail prices* Example Monthly Income (e.g. for Unlimited Twin Pack)
5-9 5% £28.25-£50.85
10-49 8% £90.40-£442.96
50-99 12% £678-£1,342.44
100+ 15% £1,695+

Free Marketing Program

To help drive business to your location or service, your location will be listed in the ipClouds Reseller directory on the ipClouds web site (www.ipclouds.co.uk).

Free Customer Support

ipClouds local rate number for helpful technical support for your customers
ipClouds takes care of all the end user administration such as authentication and billing
All marketing materials include sign-up and login instructions

Free Technical Support

Local rate number to help store managers diagnose and solve any technical problems

Comprehensive Reseller Control Panel

You get a comprehensive Reseller Control Panel for complete administration of all the Orders of all your Customers. You have complete administrative control over all Orders placed by your Customers.

* Manage Customers
* Manage Billing
* Manage Call Rates


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