How does ipClouds VoIP work?

ipClouds VoIP is a low-cost phone service that is an alternative to your traditional phone line. With a broadband internet connection, ipClouds VoIP allows you to make and receive calls at home or anywhere in the world. Since calls route through the Internet, the costs are less and the savings are passed onto you.

You make a call using your regular phone with the ipClouds VoIP adaptor (or ipClouds VoIP PC phone your PC) just as you do with a regular phone line:

- Your voice is converted to digital data

- The data is chopped into packets to send over the Internet

- It then reaches a standard telephone exchange

- Your call is directed to the number you dialled

In essence, it functions like an additional line. As a result, you can enjoy many of the benefits of an additional phone line without needing to have a new line installed. The service does not interfere with your computer and your Internet connection will work as it did before you installed the service.

See the What do I need? section for more information.

How does it work?

What are the benefits?

What do I need?

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