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Move house without the headache of changing all your contact details

We recently moved from Birmingham to London. Apart from the headache of packing our things and the stress of moving another added headache was contacting the bank and friends and family with our new telephone details. Thankfully with ipClouds we were able to take our number with us for no extra cost saving us a lot of time and headache!
- Nadeem Mir, London

Staying in touch has never been cheaper

In the early 90s my family emigrated to Australia. Since then I have moved back to the UK but with the cost of calling them in Australia or them calling me in the UK being so high I have not been able to keep in contact with them as often as I would have liked. The ipClouds VoIP service allowed them to have a local UK number which they can access from their PC and I can now call that number and talk to them all the way in Australia for nothing!
- James, Bath

I am currently studying Law at University College London but am originally from Birmingham where my family still live. After food, books, travel, fees etc my student loan doesn't get very far and so things like calling them regularly are at the bottom of my financial food chain. With ipClouds VoIP I can now use my laptop connected to the university network (or any WiFi enabled cafe) and call them whenever, wherever and for however long I want because the cost of the call is free. I have told all my friends to ge the service and my monthly mobile bill has gone down too as a result!
- Mitesh, London

Multiple numbers over one broadband connection a - cure for parent and teenage angst!

With 3 teenage daughters I had forgotten what it was like to use the phone although at the end of the month I certainly get a nasty reminder from my phone company that a hefty bill has to be paid. A friend told me about the ipClouds VoIP service and that since I had broadband at home I could have 3 different numbers, going to each of my daughters' PCs all over my broadband connection with no extra line rental! I am not particularly good with computers and so held off joining the service especially since it seemed almost too good to be true. The final straw came when my last monthly phone bill was over £200 and I hadn't even used the phone once so I plucked up the courage to call ipClouds VoIP. They talked me through the process of setting up the service and I was up and running in under 15 minutes. I have now cancelled my BT service and have 4 numbers coming over my broadband connection and life is a lot happier at my household and my bank account!
- Jackie, Leeds

Unbeatable international pricing for international business

We run an export business and so keeping in touch with some of our business customers on a daily basis can be expensive especially to some of the more exotic locations in the world! We intially tried the ipClouds VoIP service to communicate with an agent in the US who recommended it to us. We were sceptical at first thinking the call quality would be worse than our regular line but we were pleasantly surprised that it was in fact as good as what we were used to and at a fraction of the price! We now recommend all our clients to ge the service so we can call them for free anytime but those who don't have it we can still call their normal phone number and pay much much less than with BT.
- Chris, London

Features, features and more features

As a salesperson the idea of a telephone number where I could be reached anywhere with a broadband connection seemed like a godsend. I have a mobile phone but the rates are so high that many clients put off calling me until off peak hours which means I always seem to be at work! With ipClouds VoIP I now have a local London number where I can be reached at all times and with extra features like Voicemail and Call Diversion thrown in free I am beginning to wonder why I need a mobile phone anymore!
- Mark, Manchester

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