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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the transmission of telephone calls over the public Internet. With ipClouds VoIP, your calls will travel over our secure, private IP network.

ipClouds VoIP does everything a traditional PBX does and a whole lot more.

For a whole lot less.

ipClouds VirtualPBX and PBX Plus. Either way, you’re ahead.

Let's face it: telecommunications can be expensive and very difficult to manage.

On the other hand, ipClouds can replace or complement your business's existing phone system with fully hosted and managed communications services along with advanced calling features that keep your business a step ahead. Simply choose from:

VirtualPBX. A fully hosted phone system that’s easy to use and manage without the upfront capital cost or stranded investment of current PBXphone systems.

PBX Plus. A business-class phone service that works with existing PBX systems, making your life easier with reliable voice and data communications.

Break it down

Here’s what you can get with ipClouds VoIP:

>A fully managed nationwide VoIP network

>Savings of up to 40%

>Easy-to-use Web-based tools to manage communications

>Voice traffic over a private network for added security

>Automated feature updates

>Ease of installation

>Business-quality voice audio

>Scalable servicesIn short, ipClouds VoIP will help your business get where it should be. On top.

So read on and see for yourself how ipClouds can take the mystery out of VoIP – and help your business talk big for less.

Wherever your business is going, ipClouds VoIP is there for you

ipClouds VoIP gives your business the best of all worlds – true connectivity and tight control. Wherever and whenever. So you can get more done.

Want more? Try lower costs

ipClouds VoIP can do it all for less especially when it’s free!

With VoIP, there’s no need to purchase new telecom equipment, and little or no expensive telecom infrastructure to support. So your company can reduce capital expenditures and maintenance fees. Plus, moves, adds and changes become ‘plug-and-play’ operations, so any employee can do them, not just highly-paid telecom experts. And those are just some of the reasons ipClouds VoIP users report savings of up to 40%.

Bringing people closer together

Having offices in different locations may be good for business, but it can create unspeakable long-distance bills.

Fortunately, office-to-office calls over the ipClouds network are free. (That’s right, FREE!) Who knows, it might even get your sales staff and your production people talking to each other.

Looking for a bundle? Of savings?

We all hear talk about ‘convergence.’ Here’s where it pays off. By combining local, long distance and data services over one dynamically managed network connection, ipClouds can help you reduce costs. And enjoy a superior level of service.

You’ll be glad to know that switching to ipClouds VoIP means minimal disrup-tion. You can keep your existing phone numbers and change them to the ipClouds network. For free. You can even use your traditional analog phones, if you choose. (And to take advantage of more sophisticated VoIP features, check out our sexy digital VoIP phones.)

The savings don’t stop

Remember, VoIP is a software solution. The only hardware you have to deal with is your PC. So when it’s time to scale up or scale down, there are no costly hardware changes to pay for. In fact, switching to ipClouds is so simple and painless, chances are the only change you’ll notice is on your phone bill. And that’s a good thing.

Take it easy ... You’ve earned it

Here’s an easy way to see whether ipClouds VoIP is right for your business – just look at all the ways it can simplify your business communications.

ipClouds VoIP is easy to use, easy to modify and easy to upgrade. And at the heart of it all is the award-winning ipClouds dashboard shown here.

Up and running before you know it

You’ll be amazed how quickly your ipClouds VirtualPBX or PBX Plus system can be up and running.

For starters, it requires no changes to existing phone numbers, including Direct Inward Dial (DID) and toll-free numbers. We simply switch them to the ipClouds network for free. You can implement ipClouds VoIP on a weekend, and employees and callers will never know the difference Monday morning.

It’s the same thing if you move premises. Simply unplug your server on one end and plug it in at the new location. Phones and faxes work instantly … phone numbers remain the same … features set up by users remain unchanged.

What could go wrong?

Okay, let’s get technical for a minute.

A primary driver for VoIP is server consolidation. It gives businesses the ability to deploy and centrally manage IP telephony systems and applications. That means everyone in the system, including branch offices, can enjoy the same features and functionality as headquarters.

Contrast that with traditional telephony deployments, where each branch’s system is basically on its own, and functionality is limited. With ipClouds VoIP, the complexity of headquarters and branch office deployments are reduced by staggering proportions. And with less to go wrong ... well, you can guess the rest.

Our completely scalable approach delivers the best fit from day one, while ensuring that your telecom infrastructure can grow as your business grows.

Best of all, ipClouds uses a fully managed and secure private nationwide network, not the public Internet or a cobbled-together network. Backed by some of the finest hardware and software technology on the market, it’s the only nationwide VoIP network, delivering business-quality voice communications to virtually every major metro area in the United Kingdom.

VirtualPBX & PBX Plus: a Tale of Two Solutions

ipClouds PBX Plus

Unfortunately, many companies have already invested a small fortune in their physical PBX, and it wouldn’t be financially feasible to simply eliminate it. So they persevere through the technical challenges and costs that are often associated with the traditional PBX. They could benefit from the increased productivity and reduced telecom costs that come with ipClouds VoIP. Well, with ipClouds PBX Plus, they can.

PBX Plus stands for PBX integration. As the name suggests, PBX Plus connects your existing PBX and LAN with a Cisco™ router, allowing ipClouds business-class VoIP to mesh seamlessly with your existing system. It’s easy to implement and is able to support all existing PBXs. And the end result is an efficient, state-of-the-art telecom solution that will increase productivity and reduce telecom costs. In fact, PBX Plus is like giving your current PBX some premium high-octane fuel. Go ahead, put the pedal to the metal.

ipClouds VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX stands for virtual PBX, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Instead of having a bulky, high-maintenance and very expensive physical PBX, your telecommunications needs are met with very little hardware. ipClouds provides, installs and manages a secure high-speed line, as well as a Cisco™ router, through which all your voice and data applications are converged. Everything from administration to hardware is then fully managed by ipClouds. There are no expensive telecom consultants to bring in, and no astronomical capital expenditure. What you do get with ipClouds VirtualPBX is increased telecom productivity and lower annual costs … not to mention plenty of extra floor space normally taken up by a physical PBX. May we suggest a cappuccino machine?

ipClouds VoIP: The critical ingredient for broadband success!

After all this, you may still be wondering, who – or what – is ipClouds?The answer is, ipClouds is the New Voice of Business, offering high-speedInternet and network access utilizing DSL technology as well as Voice over IP (VoIP) services.

As one of the first vendors to recognize the possibilities of VoIP and the onlyprovider with a managed nationwide network that can deliver business-qualityservice, ipClouds is the clear choice for VoIP services.

Plus, ipClouds has the flexibility to meet the telecommunications and broadbandaccess needs of virtually any small to mid-size business, giving its clientsthe tools they need to be more productive.

Cisco Powered. And we do mean POWERED!

The Cisco Powered Network designation means ipClouds VoIP services are built end-to-end with Cisco equipment, and that we offer the highest levels of network reliability, customer service and support. ipClouds customers enjoy the benefits that Cisco equipment and technology have brought to the majority of the world’s business networks.

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident in our ability to provide real value. If at any time you are not satisfied with your ipClouds service for any reason let us know right away. If we can’t make it right we will support your decision to discontinue service and assist with the transition to another provider. Earning your business everyday helps us stay focused on providing a valuable service that continues to meet your evolving communication needs.

To learn more about ipClouds VoIP or to arrange a VoIP assessment to understand how VoIP can benefit your company,

Call us now on 0845 004 0601 or contact us at contact us at sales@ipclouds.co.uk for more info or a quote!

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