What are the benefits of ipClouds VoIP?

Enhance your broadband connection today and take calls wherever you are with your normal telephone, PC, laptop or PocketPC!

Just as email revolutionised written communication with the zero cost alternative to the postal service, ipClouds VoIP is now revolutionising spoken communication with the zero cost alternative to your phone service. Just as with email anyone with an email address could write to each other for free anywhere in the world, anyone with an ipClouds VoIP account can talk to each other for free anywhere in the world!

The difference is you don't need a PC to use the service you can use your existing telephone! So join the revolution today and find out why everyone is talking about ipClouds VoIP! ipClouds VoIP comes packed with everything you need automatically included in the industry leading price. You get an all-inclusive service without having to worry about all those extra fees.

Your ipClouds VoIP phone number

ipClouds VoIP lets you choose from phone numbers in the U.K. and other countries ( available soon ) regardless of where you live. Depending on the number you choose, your ipClouds VoIP number can allow you to call your family for a local call charge. For example, you can choose a phone number with a London area code ( 0207 or 0208 ) or Non-Geographical no i,e 0845, 0870 and give it to your family in Australia.

Your ipClouds VoIP phone number also allows you to receive calls anywhere as long as you have an internet connection - so wherever you are and at whatever kind of device you are using as long as you can log into your ipClouds VoIP account you can receive calls on your number!

Manage your account online

You can log into the ipClouds VoIP account center for a summary of your account, recent calls, missed calls and see other family and friends if they are online. Manage your feature settings, and update your account information.ipClouds VoIP comes with:

Free Unlimited Calling

Call anyone, anywhere and anytime with an ipClouds VoIP account for 0p per minute!

Receive Calls Anywhere

Wherever you are in the world your ipClouds VoIP phone number travels with you while you are connected to the internet e.g. Coffee Shops, Airports and Hotels etc.

Real Phone Number

Pick and choose a real phone number to go with your account i.e. 0207, 0208, 0845 and 0870.

Voice Mail

Your voicemail will be sent to your email address.

Built-in calling features

Features are automatically included. You don't pay any extra monthly fees.

No Hidden Fees

Any cost associated with ipClouds VoIP service is revealed upfront. You won't be surprised by your bill.

No Maximum Call Length

Unlike other providers we do not restrict your calls to a maximum length. Talk as long as you want uninterrupted!

Who can I call*?

- Anyone on the ipClouds VoIP network and associated networks anywhere in the world (ipClouds VoIP Unlimited package)

- Anyone with a UK landline phone (ipClouds VoIP UK Unlimited package)

- Anyone with a UK mobile (ipClouds VoIP UK Unlimited + Mobile package)

- Anyone in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh (ipClouds VoIP Asia 1200 package)

Who can't I call?

Sorry - you can't call the following numbers on ipClouds VoIP:

· 999 emergency or operator services,· Premium rate numbers (09xx)

· Pager Numbers (076)

· Special Access Codes (1xx)

· Any numbers which maybe restricted by the type of package you have purchased The  ipClouds VoIP Service isn't intended to replace your existing BT line, but gives you an additional low cost phone service via your broadband connection.* Call rates, restrictions and terms may apply depending on which package is purchased.

How does it work?

What are the benefits?

What do I need?

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