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With ipClouds VoIP, you have selected the Premier VoIP service in the UK to embark with you on what will be viewed as a great leap forward in savings and features in your voice service. ipClouds VoIP is no toy for talks between people with the same hardware. This is your bridge between the vast public telephone network and the vast public Internet. You will almost certainly experience superior voice quality. We have very few comparable competitors, so cut through the hype, and look at the product.

ipClouds VoIP is complete

Local calling, Long Distance calling (in the UK) and an advanced Voicemail messaging system are INCLUDED along with your new voice number. And, of course, you can have almost any Area Code you want. Numbers that look like they belong in most large UK cities are available. Caller ID (in and out), Call Waiting, Three-way Calling, 800 Calls, are all enabled with ipClouds VoIP.

ipClouds VoIP is revolutionary

The features available to ipClouds VoIP users will continue to grow until they are as unlimited as the web’s features seem today. The WWW in fact, is a similar service, but instead of carrying text and graphics, we carry your Voice, and your FAXes. It’s what economists call a “disruptive technology,” meaning all business will adapt to this new reality. We will take you into the future with steadfast dedication to quality, service, and value. If you’re on the fence, get off now!. This is one revolution you won’t want to miss, and you’ve come to the right place.

ipClouds VoIP is unlimited

Our representatives are responsive, and our technicians are brilliant, but the best thing of all is that ipClouds VoIP is virtually everywhere. Your relatives and friends can get ipClouds VoIP too, and they should, but anyone with a phone can call you. And you can call anyone in the contiguous UK with no “per minute” Long Distance charges. It’s a FREE COUNTRY, and it’s all in the low monthly fee. Even your advanced Voice Mail system, that will e-mail voice recordings (.wav files) to your existing email address for easy storage and management.

ipClouds VoIP is for you!

With ipClouds VoIP, the service, the support, the hardware, the network, and the unmatched economy of our offering, are all great reasons to jump on board. But do it for yourself. The feature set is impressive now and expanding rapidly. For many new features, they will just be included automatically as they come online with no price increase.

ipClouds VoIP is The Future!

In 2005 ipClouds VoIP will introduce even more features to the Basic Service at no additional cost, and other features at additional cost. You’ll be able to forward incoming calls direct to your cell phone if your ipClouds VoIP number is unavailable for any reason. You’ll be able to Filter calls depending on the incoming Caller ID. Dialing 999 will summon help to your registered location. Most importantly for businesses, your ipClouds VoIP numbers will soon hunt and roll from busy numbers to the next open ipClouds VoIP number. It’s all coming soon. So start now and begin adjusting to the benefits of Internet Telephony with ipClouds VoIP, a solid partner in the exciting world of VOIP service delivery.

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